Gluten-Free Just Because You Heard It’s a “Good Diet”? Here’s Some Info For You – Part 4

So what, I need to be embarassed that I surrendered up Raisin Bran? Remain in the storage room over that I no more consume Kraft supper?

Screw that. When ever before I see some one as well as they state: “Just how did you shed 40 extra pounds? Why has your joint discomfort lowered by 95%? Why have actually all your skin disease vanished?” I’m mosting likely to inform them that I check out Wheatbelly as well as quit consuming grains 3 months back.

I will certainly likewise inform them to halt paying attention to pinheads like Strawbridge as well as Leffler as well as beginning taking regulate of your health and wellness as well as well being.

I like your precision.

You said…. “”There is another point you may take into consideration doing: maintain your nutritional selection to on your own. The greater than 300,000-plus individuals in this nation with celiac condition need to adhere to a gluten-free diet regimen, because…”

It’s my comprehending that “One in 133 Americans have actually celiac condition.” ( /)

With over 300,000,000 individuals in the USA, there would certainly more than 2,259,000 individuals with celiac condition.

I wish that Harvard faculty understand how you can inspect their truths, or proper their mistakes as soon as explained.

“They obtain disappointed when they listen to just how terrific this diet regimen is”!?!? As soon as I gotten rid of grains/glutin from my diet regimen I have actually never ever consumed such delicious as well as terrific dishes. Ideal removal I’ve ever before made.

Touché Gregg…..I’ll never ever return to the “dark side”!’

I’ve been grain cost-free for 9 weeks. It’s moved me into a healthy and balanced weight vary as well as made numerous aggravating problems merely go away. Im screaming it from the roof covering tops. The recommendation that i need to ‘keep silent regarding it’s ludicrous. The factor you recommend that i need to is similarly so as well as absolutely makes one marvel what your actual factor might be.

You may marvel that funds her research…


Much a lot extra anecdotal evidence- I understand, I understand, statistically aggravating however however, real.

My very own advantages of going wheat/gluten cost-free: Say goodbye to acid reflux. My skin appearances magnificent. Modification of loss of hair. Modification of irregularity. Much a lot extra power. Recognizable decrease in hunger. Boosted state of mind/much less stress and anxiousness.

My childrens’ advantages: Removal of day-to-day migraines. Removal of joint aches (which I formerly associateded with ‘growing pains’). Much far better rest. Boosted capability to listen.

I might take place, however here is the offer, I do not change gluten with scrap substitute carbohydrates. We consume entire foods. I send out the kids’ lunches with them as well as currently they typically aren’t also thinking about the college lunch since it’s revolting to them. So the cost financial savings in the college lunches, frustration medication, as well as TUMS, and also the boosted lifestyle, implies complying with this way of living isn’t difficult whatsoever.

It’s the same for us…we gotten rid of grains. Gone down 20 extra pounds in thirty days. Consuming fresh entire unadulterated actual food. Refined food is simply wicked.

Ms. Strawbridge:

Please offer us connect to the research study you made use of to compose this write-up. We want to examine that research study ourselves. We might or might not get to the very same final thoughts you do.

Delay. You require bread/wheat in buy to have actually healthy and balanced children? Excellent day in the early morning!! Just how did our types handle to generate practical children in the past the agricultural transformation?!

The world might never ever know…

This write-up isn’t just incorrect, it’s outright misinformation! Harvard Health and wellness had actually some level of my count on previously!

Did you understand that entire wheat bread these days has a greater glycemic index compared to a Snicker’s bar? Glidens are the offender as well as remain in every attack given that the Green Food Activity modified wheat in the 60s in buy to enhance wheat plant yields tenfold! Produce raised in addition to the glidens as well as therefore the swelling that supports the glycemic surge.

Wheat’s payment to excessive weight, diatetes as well as subsequently HEART DISEASE is well comprehended to those that do their research study! The solution isn’t to button to gluten cost-free bread as well as pasta, the solution is to button to much healthier grains like quinoa as well as consume much less refined foods! Component of your misinformation is the frighten that consuming much healthier expenses much a lot extra!

That will certainly be one e-newsletter that I currently will certainly terminate, you have actually shed your trustworthiness with me.

To me, one of the most informing feature of this article isn’t the misinformation it hands out – it’s the total absence of rebuttal to all the objection it has obtained. This is extremely just like what occurred when the grain entrance hall assessed Wheatbelly; usually, the blog posts on their website obtain regarding, state, 6 remarks. That obtained 117. ( ) No one responded to the objections there as well as I defendant they want they had actually never ever submitted the assess. Probably if they neglect the remarks difficult sufficient they’ll merely go away, LOL.

Anyhow, this article does the very same point. Holly, if you have actually something to support your declares, reveal it to us. Or else, your silence talks for itself.

The AMA produces numerous billions of bucks on that we are unwell, as well as it remains in their benefit to maintain us in this way. If there are straightforward services to enhance our health and wellness, they’ll do what they can possibly to discredit these concepts while concealing behind the cloak of “Contemporary Medication”. If they do not it will certainly be tough for them to create their Mercedes resettlement!

With due regard. This is a total amount BS advertised by huge agri- company.

1) Gluten is simply one healthy protein in wheat. There more than 10,000 others.

2) The gliadin healthy protein of wheat puts in opioid results on the human mind that, by means of the tetra- as well as pentapeptide digestates of gliadin, promote calorie usage: 400 much a lot extra calories daily, each day. The impact is obstructed by naloxone/naltrexone, opiate-blocking medications. (An FDA application is presently pending for such an application of naltrexone.)

3) The gliadin healthy protein was shown (Fasano et alia) to generate raised little digestive tract permeability, allowing access of polypeptide antigens into the blood stream/lymph, believed to be the very first step in creating autoimmunity. (A lotion examination for the zonulin healthy protein will certainly be readily offered near-future. Dr. Fasano informs me.)

4) Wheat germ agglutinin, a straight digestive tract contaminant in pet designs, puts in turbulent results on gastric, little digestive tract, as well as colonic mucosa.

5) One-of-a-kind types of alpha amylase preventions are believed to be amongst the elements in charge of the eruptive enhance in youth allergic reactions as well as bronchial asthma.

This pertains to a
in our time since agribusiness as well as agricultural geneticists have actually been hectic transforming the genes of wheat, e.g., chemical mutagenesis (the purposeful induction of mutations utilizing salt azide) to develop imazamox-resistant wheat (“Clearfield,” licenses held by BASF, the world’s biggest chemical manufacturer), currently expanded on virtually 1 million acres in the U.S. The quadrupling of celiac condition, as an example, is mainly described by the enrichment of the Glia-alpha 9 gene in contemporary wheat, practically missing from the wheat of 1960. This is simply ONE of the hundreds of modifications presented into the genome of contemporary wheat in the root source of raised yield-per acre.

To suggest that wheat items are required for B vitamins as well as fiber as well as to neglect all the various other concerns that currently border contemporary wheat is, well, oblivious.

Sadly, the readership of this Harvard magazine as well as the people of doctors like Dr. Leffler will certainly be denied of actual understandings into this sensation of agribusiness-altered wheat. To phone telephone call this a ‘fad” resembles calls evasion of glyphosate-resistant as well as Bt toxin-inoculated corn (both items of hereditary adjustment) a fad—it is undoubtedly not; it’s a being rejected of the worrisome hereditary modifications presented into crops to match the program of agribusiness, while overlooking the health and wellness results on the customers that consume these items.

Individuals like Ms. Strawbridge assistance continue the lack of knowledge that dominates amongst doctor.

A major clinical website need to not be a significant resource of misinformation.


Bo Z.


When my little girl was 4 years of ages she had actually numerous gastrointestinal issues. My physician did a complete series of blood examinations consisting of a celiac panel. Every little thing was unfavorable so she was dealt with with meds. At some point she required increasingly more as well as much a lot extra meds as well as had actually increasingly more as well as much a lot extra issues, however still no diagnosis0. 4 years later on I’d had actually sufficient viewing my little bit woman experience a big variety of issues. We had actually formerly gotten rid of numerous foods without any renovations so I determined to remove wheat as well as gluten despite the fact that the famously unstable celiac panel was unfavorable. Within a week we had actually quit all meds for reflux, bowel irregularity, as well as the undiagnosed skin issues on her lower. (Various other issues she simply coped with.) Within 6 weeks every little thing had actually gotten rid of. Our physician could not think it as well as was extremely distressed with himself for not complying with up on the celiac blood examinations despite the fact that he new they were unstable. She has had actually test quantities ever since to make sure that the physician might have actually an additional celiac panel done. She end up with hemorrhaging skin lessions as well as in the ER for extreme bowel irregularity. We are still waiting to get involved in professionals so don’t have actually a company medical diagnosis yet however we do not actually require one to understand that my little bit ladies body can’t endure wheat.

If everyone had actually simply closed their mouth (such as this writer is suggesting)about the issues with gluten I might not have actually had actually the info I had to understand or have actually been comfy in my choice to get rid of wheat/gluten from my 8 year olds diet regimen as well as I’d still be viewing my terrific little bit woman endure. So thanks to all that have actually talked up. Please continuously spread out your message as well as notify other individuals. I still do not have actually a company medical diagnosis however we do understand that my little bit woman will certainly never ever have actually wheat/gluten once more.

I can not think any person with a health issue would certainly ever before wish to conceal the truths regarding the triggers or therapies. I do think it is crucial to distinguish in between the numerous immune actions to wheat, however not discuss it??? I actually do not believe that excels recommendations.

Once more thanks to all that talked up. As well as possibly I need to say thanks to the writer of this write-up as well since it certain has obtained individuals discussing their experiences.

Amanda: THANK YOU for the share this heartbreaking tale. I’m a 54 lady that had actually a couple of weeks of minor difficulty with my digestive tract 2 months back as well as THANK GOD located Dr. Davis’ book so I might start my course to remarkable health.

MY STORY NO WHERE NEAR COMPARES to what your little bit woman experienced! Yet, it was life transforming for me as well.

I have actually never ever been a litigious individual whatsoever, however listening to your tale makes me marvel if this is an instance for MALPRACTICE!! Those Drs as well as this Harvard “experienced” are seeming much more compared to merely oblivious.

In addition to that, we are seeing what takes place when a grass-roots (no grain word play here meant) transformation happens when individuals repossess the obligation for their health and wellness as well as the health and wellness of the dear innocents like your little girl.

Some people simply ain’t gonna enjoy with that said. Challenging doughy pizza for them!!

Indeed, what I locate many offending in this write-up (besides the poor nutritional recommendations) is this declaration … “maintain your nutritional selection to on your own.”

Gluten-Free Just Because You Heard It’s a “Good Diet”? Here’s Some Info For You – Part 2


Reproach on Harvard for enabling this kind of negative study, negative assistance, total inappropriate write-up to become published under their label. Holly is actually oblivious of all of the study carried out over recent ten years? Holly is actually oblivious of real studies? Holly presumes folks analysis this e-newsletter are actually airheads, arbitrary in their options of food items. Frankly, I’m astonished to find this write-up under the Harvard banner. Reproach.

Positively appropriate. I am in academic community, and also have actually pertain to recognize that Harvard is actually right now much a lot extra around tradition compared to know-how. They ought to be actually ashamed of this particular write-up. I have actually just lately explored this subject comprehensive. Certainly there certainly are actually hundreds and also thousands of research researches performed over the final fifteen years that present the hazards of consuming a diet regimen higher in glycemic tons, and also a diet regimen along with grains as its own staple is actually unaviodably such a diet regimen (and also wheat has actually exclusive issues that points like rice do not). People that supporter for such a diet regimen are actually only the messengers that have actually place the scientific research all together succinctly for the masses. Holly definitely has not carried out her study.

I are going to begin along with a quote; ” This weblog post strives to offer reputable details in addition to healthy and balanced dialoge…”. Indeed, this is actually the disclaimer for this real weblog post webinternet web site!. Missed out on that entire “reputable infomation” section, however I’m certain Ms. strawbrains and also her supervisors are actually listening to the “healty dialoge” section.

I’m suprised that for a person that makes use of the label of “exec editor”, has actually no news or even composing abilities. My university teachers will have actually torn this item of simple-minded illogic one-reference sourced write-up apart(and I mosted likely to a Condition college).

You do not have to invest additional money on pricey gluten free of charge foods; consume rice, meat, cheese, fruit, potatoes, corn, vegtables,yogurt, almonds, hummus, and so on. TONS of healthy and balanced excellent food items on the market. The largest concern includes major gatherings(work, birthday celebrations, and so on) focused all around consuming sandwiches, cake, cookies and so on and also you only must have actually the spinal column to claim “no many thanks”. Walk out to consume at any kind of restraunt; only decline the bread basket; purchase steak, fish, hen, vegan along with rice, potatoes, vegtables. Hand down beer; beverage red white a glass of red or white wine!

Reproach on the Harvard nameplate being actually made use of for a basic dismissal of an idea that might much a lot better several individuals health and wellness. I’m certain you can easily locate a much better make use of for your endowment loan compared to paying for this ladies to shill the point of view of one instructor and also 5 moments of web study to sustain his final thoughts.

while you go to it, don’t consume just about anything *white*: potatoes, rice, pasta and also naturally any kind of bread. It is actually greatest to go grain free of charge, simply have actually 1/2 mug of brownish rice or even Quinoa(a seed). Steer clear of tapioca flour, cornstarch and also white colored rice flour. You’ll loosened significance effortlessly and also enhance the cholesterol amount.


A write-up along with comparable web information was actually just lately posted over at FOX news…. “Why you should not go glutin-free” … and wellness/2013/03/12/why-shouldnt-go-gluten-free/

It will interest discover who’s performing the backing for these forms of write-ups. Major Agra? Major Food items? Major Pharma?

Perhaps each one of all of them. It really is actually frightening and also preventing, is actually it certainly not?

Dr. Leffler’s assertion that a gluten-free diet plan is actually pricey, lengthy, and also limiting and also a big problem is actually subjective and also perpetuates a massive be located that simply perks Major Food items, Major Pharm, Major Med. It is actually more economical to halt purchasing biscuits, grain, and also pasta items. Opportunity eating? I do not believe therefore. Meat and also veggies, salad, simple, simple, simple. Limiting? Once again, only my point of view however look into the beautiful make in wealth. It is certainly not that difficult. I’ve spared a great deal loan on all of the meds, lotions, doctor’s workplace sees, missed out on operate times, Tums, and so on. There’s no disadvantage to residing gluten-free for the numerous folks that accomplish this daily. Probably the disadvantage is actually for folks like Dr. Leffler and also Ms. Strawbridge that continue and also revenue coming from the deceptions they inform, declaring all of them as simple facts. Sorry, however no person is actually purchasing it any longer. The reality is actually out. I will never ever always keep peaceful around such really terrific information, and also I will never ever think about taking assistance coming from a person that says to me to maintain my selection to myself. Never. However, probably Dr. Leffler are going to get his very personal assistance and also always keep his point of views to themself as they are actually certainly not also useful to his very personal people that struggle with celiac illness. Make an effort some inspiration and also hopefulness, doc. The selection to consume properly hinges on each one of our shoulders, certainly not only those along with celiac illness. It may be in just how you examine the terrific option prior to you. Dr. Leffler, the glass is actually one-half total, certainly not one-half vacant. Pass it on your people and also quit being actually Dr. Downer. Lifestyle is actually great. Go through and also recognize exactly just what all of the delighted chatter has to do with. You could only discover a handful of points.

Exactly just what is actually it along with the media? I remain to go through write-ups enjoy this one mentioning the shortage of scientific research readily accessible to go gluten or even wheat free of charge. I am no health care pro however it does not get a lot to locate genuine, quantifiable scientific research. This write-up is actually composed through a person that is actually either inadequately educated or even no more bothers to study write-ups prior to placing all of them into printing.

Directly, I are going to get each one of the reviews of genuine folks (several in my very personal lifestyle) that have actually stayed suffering for several years, were actually obese for life in Yoko diet plans and also still really experienced awful after years of visiting medical professionals, over a write-up that can not receive essential simple facts directly.

I have actually never ever definitely consuming processed food or even ingested scrap drinks(soda). I prided myself in cooking the greatest Entire Wheat breads along with wheat germ and also spelt flour. However I have actually awful Rheumatoid Joint inflammation for 25 yrs. I have actually rebuilded shoulders and also feets. My palms are actually absolutely deformed practically pointless consequently unpleasant to make use of,.

I was actually surfing via guide segment and also found “Wheat Stubborn belly” through Dr.William Davis”. I almost devoured that make a reservation for in eventually, I might certainly not place it down! That was actually simply 1 full week earlier and also the swelling in my joints is actually gone(no Coziness to the touch),the incredibly energetic Rosacea that was actually switching my deal with brilliant reddish two times a time , has actually calmed down, really I possessed certainly not one single*flushing* of the deal with because reducing out all of grains coming from my diet plan.

My mixture of medicine for my RA is actually showing up and also I could only must terminate it. I presently removed the Methotrexate. Naturally I still have actually ache in my joints that are actually presently damaged, however there’s much less of it. I only sense and also rest therefore better. I only wanted I possessed Dr.Davis’s make a reservation for 25 yrs. earlier!

Acquired the Wheat Stubborn belly cookbook coming from Dr W.Davis additionally , it is actually amazing. Only possessed my lunch time along with Flax-wrap, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado , yarlsberg cheese and also baked chicken and also mayonnaise. Exactly just what ‘s certainly not to like?

Ms.Holly Strawbridge I are going to yell my recently discovered breakthrough around GRAINS coming from the roofing tops. No person in my cycle of pals are going to be actually risk-free! Certainly there certainly!

Only another point. I’m out the gluten free of charge diet plan which permits much a lot extra active ingredients compared to the WHEAT FREE diet plan.

I constantly thought and feelings, since I have actually been actually showed, that entire grains are actually greatest for you. Therefore years earlier I changed to all of entire grains, pasta, breads and so on.

I adore bread, the preference and also just how habit forming it is actually. ONe item isn’t sufficient!! However I have actually discovered for many years just how the significance is actually remaining whatever I carry out. I have actually discovered just how puffed up I’m the majority of the amount of time, just the amount of significance I have actually place on, just how uneasy I sense. I’m cranky I’m after a indulge. I produced my very personal bread!! 🙂 Certainly not celiac or even gluten intolerant coming from exactly just what I understand about it. BUT coming from MANY others and also family members also that struggle with gluten or even are actually detected Celiac it has actually end up being crucial sufficient to me to study as high as I can easily, being actually curious about health and wellness. I do not assume the Medical professionals to constantly be actually atop everything that happens our means health and wellness sensible. Our experts must get some accountability in learning exactly just what jobs and also does not and also pay attention to our body systems.

I discovered guide WheatBelly, and also go through it in a handful of times. Therefore My partner that has actually allergic reactions, completely dry out eyes, and also persistent coughing that the medical professionals can not discover exactly just what mistakes. After analysis guide I determined to provide this a go and also discover for our own selves exactly just what is actually happening.

Very initial I obtained eliminate alllll the wheat in your house, and also sugar! Altered to cooking the breads along with almond flour,flax seed, and also coconut flour, which are actually scrumptious incidentally.

Our experts have actually appreciated the alter, and also are actually expecting a much healthier lifestyle. This produces much a lot extra feeling to me compared to reducing out all of fat, sugar and also or even meat, which I have actually additionally attempted. Consuming all of fruits, veggies, and also olive oil, coconut oil, lean meats, alongside the breads produced without wheat are actually a better selection.

Sensation the variation, observing the variation is actually the evidence of this particular alter.

I suffere coming from problems, rest issues, fibromyalgia, persistent tiredness, cranky and also human brain smog. ETC.

I’m presently discovering the improved power, resting much a lot better, much less aches and also discomforts. You can not inform me this isn’t helpful for me. Absolutely nothing at all I have actually attempted has actually operated prior to this. Our experts get numerous supplements and also consume properly. Much a lot better right now.

I’m distressed that informed folks inquiry typical folks that are actually brilliant, and also performing exactly just what they can easily to enhance their health and wellness, when all of documentation leads to the bad through consuming wheat. Folks that discover on their own exactly just what their physical body is actually pointing out when producing a modification is actually I will believe better for every person, medical care particularly, certainly not pointing out being actually much less of a worry to others when fed up.

In any case, I’m grateful, and also sense honored to have actually this know-how and also bring in the alter. Many thanks Dr. Davis.

Possibly if they attempted it for a 3 month time frame and also find on their own just how better they’ll sense they could end up being believers. Produces me incredibly interested concerning why they are actually therefore bad, when it has actually boosted the lifestyle for manies thousand.

True good things!

Gale, I additionally was actually therefore pleased with my self-made entire wheat bread along with wheat germ and also critical wheat gluten, milk powder and also flax seeds, the one excellent and also healthy and balanced active ingredient, besides the milk powder. Properly that understood. I prefer I possessed certainly not acquired that pricey Zojirushi Bread maker.

I’ve been actually wheat/gluten free of charge for around 5 full weeks. I began simply since I desired to drop unwanted significance. Within 10 times I all of a sudden began resting much a lot better, removed shared ache and also was actually happy after each dish. Additionally say goodbye to puffed up however famished after dishes. I no more consume rapid food items and also carry out a great deal much a lot extra food preparation. I dropped 18 extra pounds in 2 full weeks and now I am needing to learn how to lessen the gluten free of charge foods items, they could be higher in starches. I discovered the best ways to cook gluten free of charge cookies and also I’ve been actually consuming a handful of way excessive. I have actually certainly not been actually evaluated for celiac however it matters not, I’m a great deal much healthier and also happier; say goodbye to gluten for me. I have actually attempted a number of opportunities to consume wheat items and also it triggered bloating, belly ache and also a migraine

I have actually eliminate all of grains and also starches. I love the wheat stubborn belly cookbook through Dr.W.Davis. Amazing dishes. Or even visit Maria’s Nourishing and also Scrumptious food items, satisfy it. Folks adore her wheat free of charge bread.


continue reading part 3

Early signs of a gluten-related disorder

Through hindsight, I realize now the earliest of symptoms was a mysterious skin rash that appeared on my forehead in 1986. But it wasn’t until years later that I noticed other symptoms. In fact, it was the early 1990’s when I first began to feel more fatigued than usual. Granted I had a full-time job, a part-time teaching gig at the local vocational school and I was attending graduate school for my executive MBA. So who wouldn’t be tired, right? I’m tired right now just recounting how busy and ambitious I was in those days.

The ongoing fatigue finally drove me to seek the advice of my general practitioner. I worked for a major aerospace company at the time and had for health insurance an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) policy. It was right before the general public began to learn that many HMO’s were paying doctors not to run what they deemed “unnecessary” tests. I informed my doctor of my symptoms of fatigue. He ran the standard blood tests, which showed nothing unusual except for slightly elevated cholesterol. I took his advice and cut back on the French fries and ranch dressing that I absolutely love. A few months later, I returned for a follow-up exam and discovered I had lowered my cholesterol to an acceptable level, but continued to experience persistent fatigue. He suggested, as I had already considered, reducing the stress of two jobs and school. I wasn’t about to quit college or my full-time job, so instead I reduced my teaching schedule to as few hours as possible without risking the loss of my teaching credentials. The effect on my energy level was marginal, but cutting back my hours gave me more time to rest and research my symptoms. Keep in mind the Internet was only just a fledgling in the early 1990’s and comprised mostly of electronic bulletin boards housing geographically-limited information. Available data was sparse, segregated and difficult to acquire electronically. Libraries had some information, but much of it was outdated. As a result, I found myself sharing my symptoms with anyone who would listen. Eventually, I met someone who paralleled my symptoms in almost every way. He was a project management consultant for a world-wide consulting firm and traveled extensively. He put me to shame with his 80-hour work weeks, constant overseas travel and having to deal with extremely demanding clients. It seemed much more reasonable for him to be fatigued than me, I thought. He shared with me that he had been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) by his doctor. His doctor recommended multiple vitamin supplements, B12 injections, several prescription drugs and he was placed on a very strict diet. I wanted to know more about CFS and immediately began to research it. I read many books, numerous articles and anything I could get my hands on to better understand this disease. Analogous to Celiac Disease today, CFS was fairly new and information was difficult to acquire. There were many theories and some suggested anecdotes, but not a lot of tangible evidence. Had I finally discovered the culprit responsible for my growing fatigue? I couldn’t be sure, so I decided to discuss the possibility with my doctor. The day of the appointment, I entered his office filled with high hopes, like a hot-air balloon fully inflated and lifting ever closer to the heavens. I believed by sharing this information with him a light would go on and perhaps he’d pursue this lead. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Instead of thoughtful consideration, his face turned red, he appeared angry and he then proceeded to lecture me. First he criticized me for suggesting I had CFS and, as many Western doctors continue to do, he completely discounted the likelihood anything was wrong with me. It was all in my mind. Next, he admonished me for taking multivitamins to combat my fatigue. His words left me stunned and devastated. All my hopes and aspirations that a diagnosis and subsequent relief soon would be on its way were immediately dashed and all but destroyed. I left his office feeling the balloon of hope quickly deflating and suddenly plummeting towards the ground. Over the following weeks and months an overwhelming feeling of despair and helplessness came over me. I fell into a deep depression that would last years. I later made a valuable discovery: With depression, often you are the last to know you are depressed.

Over the next few months my energy level plunged even further until I could barely get out of bed. I started noticing a change in my bowel movements. They sometimes had white, tissue-like material clinging to them. And then my joints started to ache. These symptoms not only alarmed me, but added additional stress to an already stressed out body. The anxiety and stress began affecting the quality of my sleep and consequently both work and school suffered. I had become ensnared in a vicious cycle with no apparent end.

Then one morning something happened that provided me with the necessary motivation, focus and direction to take charge of my situation. I awoke in so much pain (from what later I learned was arthritis) that I could barely get out of bed. The stiffness and pain was throughout my spine and emanated from every joint. Also, I was sweating profusely and my bed sheets were soaked completely as if from incontinence. It was at this point my anxiety, fear and stress had taken their toll and I had reached my breaking point. I became angry at the doctor, at my situation and at feeling helpless to do anything about it. In that moment of rage a sudden flash of reason took over and I made a decision to channel that anger towards something constructive. I went to Human Resources that day and found out what it would take to change my HMO to a PPO so that I could choose my own doctor and see specialists outside the network. Once the paperwork was done and I was enrolled, I went to an infectious disease physician who was more than willing to entertain my suspicions about CFS. He was incredibly open-minded and thoughtful. Upon examination, he quickly acknowledged there was a reason for concern and referred me to a specialist who recognized that there was some sort of infection going on in my body and the fatigue, joint pain and night sweats were likely symptoms of this infection.

Next, I had to go through a series of tests and procedures, including the much-dreaded colonoscopy. I’ll spare you the unpleasant details and just share with you the outcome of the procedure. The results of a biopsy (examination of snippets of infected tissue) performed during the colonoscopy showed I had Ulcerative Colitis (UC), an autoimmune disease that affects the small intestine and, if left untreated, could result in cancer. A few years later another doctor changed my diagnosis to Crohn’s Disease (CD) due to additional symptoms that surfaced after the original diagnosis. Both diseases affect the digestive system and both are considered autoimmune diseases, in that the body’s immune system attacks what it believes is harmful to the body. CD; however, can affect any part of the digestive tract from the mouth to the anus, while UC typically affects only the small intestine. I was immediately prescribed Sulfasalazine, an NSAID (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug) typically recommended for both of these diseases. Additionally I was prescribed Prednisone, a cortical steroid, for my arthritis. In addition, my doctor advised I begin taking multivitamins with iron to ensure I was getting all the needed vitamins and minerals — Something my previous doctor scolded me for.

Finally I had, I thought, a proper diagnosis and although not a cure, at least a solution to help alleviate the symptoms to some degree as well as to calm my nerves. Most of all, I was relieved that my persistence had paid off and that I was correct when I believed there was more going on than just common fatigue from a busy lifestyle. This victory left me feeling validated and in control — Two very important aspects for anyone suffering from chronic illness.

Over the coming weeks and months many of the symptoms faded away to return infrequently and usually only after I was under extreme stress or when I failed to get adequate sleep for a prolonged period of time.

But this isn’t the end of the story. In fact, it’s just the beginning of a very long journey…

More to come…